Alpha 1 Max Will Provide Profound Muscle Gains

March 27th, 2015

Users who choose Blackstone Lab’s Alpha 1 Max prohormone experience gains of twelve to fifteen pounds in just one whole cycle. Each cycle last for about four weeks and this product is only designed for experienced supplement users due to its high potent effects on the body. Basically, this supplement needs to be in the right hands to have its powerful ingredients work with your body and not against it.

Alpha 1 Max does not convert into estrogen while cycling so you don’t have to worry about side effects due to increases levels of estrogen while taking it. You do however need to make sure you are hydrating properly, using your cycle support, and spending the appropriate amount of time at the gym to see significant results from this supplement. Be sure you follow the suggested dosage of one pill twice each day with a meal for best results.

When it comes to choosing the right prohormone supplement for your body you need one that has been proven to work time and time again. Alpha 1 Max falls into this category and you can find a ton of reviews online supporting the use of this product and its tremendous results from real users.

Mind Blowing Muscle Gains With 1 Andro

March 24th, 2015

1 Andro which provides no water retention and minimum estrogen conversion is the quickest supplement to help you with lean muscle gains. As you have noticed over the past few years many of the most powerful health supplements have been pulled off the market by government agencies. They are claiming them to be too harsh and unsafe for human consumption. The problem many were running into with these supplements is they just didn’t know how to properly use them. Those who did received gains you can’t find today with any other legal prohormone pill.

In fact, the others that got pull off the market, which include 1-androstenedione , 1-androstenediol , and 1-testosterone, were extremely potent. Their ability to provide these gains so quickly was mind blowing. However, since they’ve been gone the government forget one of them, 1-andro. This is the one legal part of the delta-one primary metabolic conversion loop. This works, and it works fast. By taking the average two to four capsules each day you will experience incredibly fast lean muscle gains within a few short days. What other supplement can promise you that? The truth is there isn’t. You can cycle 1 Andro for a period of up to six weeks time. However, you need to take a full sixty day break and let your body recover before cycling again.

Increased Energy With Digest It Health

March 21st, 2015

Do you feel sluggish? Is it happening day after day and suddenly you don’t know what being truly energized even feels like anymore?

You are not alone, many people who have a clogged colon report feelings of lethargy as one of the most common symptoms. All the food you eat goes into the colon and is filtered for vital vitamins and nutrients. Usually these vital components are absorbed through the walls of the colon and fused into the bloodstream for delivery across the body to areas in need of them. Eating too many unhealthy food will bring in too many toxins which the colon cannot digest. This causes this unwanted waste to maintain its position within the colon. This could last for years and lead to many side effects such as sluggishness.

In order to remedy the problem you need something that will help flush, or cleanse the colon and get rid of these unwanted toxins that are blocking the colon walls, and stopping the flow of vital nutrients and vitamins. This is where digest It comes into play. This specialized cleansing formula goes straight into the colon and flushes out all that unwanted toxic waste. This makes it easier for bowel movements to occur and the colon to get back to doing its job of filtering what you ingest.

When you colon is working at its prime, your body is absorbing more of the good things it needs. This allows for more delivery of these good things and less energy spent trying to push food components threw a clogged up colon tract. Within just a few short days users have reported significant increases in their overall energy levels, and have noted that their lethargy is no longer present. Simply taking this colon cleanser each day will keep your colon working at it optimal state and your body functioning like it should be.

Halovar: The Ideal Starter Prohormone

March 20th, 2015

If you are a newbie to the weightlifting or bodybuilding world than Halovar is one of the best supplements you can start taking to enhance your overall muscle gains. Unlike other prohormones you will find on the fitness market, this product is completely safe and not harsh on the body. It simply helps to gain muscle and increase the process of muscle regrowth in the body.

A few more benefits of taking Halovar regularly is quick strength gains, lean muscle building, more definition, and it does all this without retaining any extra water that will diminish your efforts the gym. In short, with this dietary aide you will see noticeable gains in just a few short weeks, and they will stick long after your cycle is finished.

But why does it work so well you ask? HALOVAR has a pro insulin compound that has been clinically proven throughout many medical studies to increase the glycogen storage, protein synthesis, nutrition repartitioning, and muscle cell volume. This is a long list of benefits that boils down to helping you gain more muscles more quickly. It’s that simple. And as an added benefit this is a non-aromatizing prohormone. This means that your estrogen levels will not increase as your testosterone levels do. Your body wants to keep a healthy balance between the two, so when you take a testosterone boosting supplement, your body will want to increase estrogen. However this can lead to side effects like man boobs or gyno. You don’t want these to happen to your body. So you need a supplement that helps to block that extra estrogen production, which Halovar can do for you easily.

Buy Epistane To Gain Muscle Quickly

March 20th, 2015

When you want to gain muscles as quick as possible there is no better way than with Epistane. It works fast to kick start your body’s protein synthesis function. This basically allows for the muscle to rebuild back even bigger once your complete your intense workout. As you workout your muscle fibers tear apart. Once you are done exercising your body goes into its recovery state. This is where the muscle fibers rebuild and grow back larger than they once were. With Epistane you can help your body to recover faster, meaning you gain bigger muscles quicker.

Using a prohormone such as Epistane will help your body speed up processes and boost your energy levels so that you can workout more intensely for a longer period of time. If you think about the muscle building process it goes workout, recovery, and start all over again. You want help with both of these areas, not just one like many other prohormones do. This is why Epistane is one of the best choices you can make when choosing to use a fitness supplement. You can to increase the amount of time you workout more than normal. To do this you need more energy to keep going. This supplement works to help process the foods you put into your body as more energy instead of turning the food into fat cells. It actually helps to burn them more efficiently.

Than as part two of the process, this product works to shorten your recovery time. It speeds up the rebuilding process of your muscle fibers. Having a dietary health supplement that works two-fold to enhance both of these aspects is ideal for anyone looking to gain more muscle. You can buy
Epistane at many online retailers. There are tons of different brands by many respective companies. Just be sure to choose one that you trust and expresses their product’s ability to boost both your workout and recovery processes.

How Can The DMZ Supplement Help You Bulk Up

March 17th, 2015

If you’ve spent hours searching all over the internet for the best prohormone to help you bulk up you can stop wasting your time and find the necessary information right here. You need to look no further than Xtreme DMZ from the makers at the world renown Anabolic Technologies. This supplement brings bulking up to a new level with typical users getting massive increases in size and strength in just three short weeks. You can’t ask for a better dietary health supplement to give you these types of results on a consistent basis.

Each capsule of the DMZ supplement is packed full of sixteen milligrams of dimethylzine. This is a clinically tested and proven active ingredients that boosts muscle mass and leaves the user with no unnecessary water retention during their thirty day cycle which you can find proof of at And as a side note, it doesn’t leave any water retention during your post cycle either! So why is dimethylzine so powerful when it comes to bodybuilding? This designer anabolic uses a unique Azine Bond Technology that breaks down the body to its complex molecular structure. This again has been clinically tested and proven to increase testosterone production in the male body allowing for greater muscle building.

This is the perfect prohormone for those new to the supplement world that are looking for quick and efficient muscle gains. This is better than winstrol or anadrol by a long shot which you can clearly see when you examine the dmz supplement side effects. Not only does it enhance your muscle strength with zero water retention in the body, it also increases your vascularity and lean dry muscles. Bascially, Xtreme DMZ by Anabolic Technologies gives you everything you could want in a bulking prohormone.

How To Use Geisha Balls To Tighten Up Your Vagina

January 22nd, 2015

Geisha Balls, also commonly referred to as Ben Wa Balls, are a simple way to help improve the tightness of your vaginal walls by gradually exercising them each day. A typical package includes four of these specialized balls, all in different weights. This way you have the lightest balls to start with, and heavier ones to move up to as you get more used to exercising with them. This is the same concept as working out any part of your body. You want to start small and gently work your way up to being able to lift more weight.

medically approved geisha balls for vagina strengtheningDue to the variety of Geisha Balls that come in a typical kit, you can do five different stages of weights as indicated in the following v-tight gel reviews. Each ball set is safe for your body because they are made of plastic and attached by a strap. This is one hundred percent soft medical silicone, as only the best material can be used on such a sensitive part of the female body.

To start your exercise program insert the lightest weights into each plastic holder. You want to practice with these balls between fifteen to thirty minutes each day to build up the muscles of your vaginal walls. It’s easy to stick to your routine as you can continue with your regular activities while you have the Geisha Balls inside of your vagina. Your muscles will naturally contract to hold the balls inside of you.

The first few times you use them you will want to assistance of the strap. This will insurance easier handling and give you a clear way to remove the balls once your exercise session is over. Once you train your muscles enough, you should start to exercise with just one ball alone. Try to keep it inside of you without utilizing the strap. As this becomes easier increase the weight of the ball to a heavier size.

Geisha Balls are a great way to strength the vagina and have many wonderful effects. Not only will they tighten the vagina but they will also lead to increased sex drive and more pleasurable orgasms. To read more about how these objects can help your female body be sure to take a look at for more. If you consistently keep training you will notice significant results within the first month. Also as you continue use the results will just keep getting better and better.