How To Use Geisha Balls To Tighten Up Your Vagina

January 22nd, 2015

Geisha Balls, also commonly referred to as Ben Wa Balls, are a simple way to help improve the tightness of your vaginal walls by gradually exercising them each day. A typical package includes four of these specialized balls, all in different weights. This way you have the lightest balls to start with, and heavier ones to move up to as you get more used to exercising with them. This is the same concept as working out any part of your body. You want to start small and gently work your way up to being able to lift more weight.

medically approved geisha balls for vagina strengtheningDue to the variety of Geisha Balls that come in a typical kit, you can do five different stages of weights as indicated in the following v-tight gel reviews. Each ball set is safe for your body because they are made of plastic and attached by a strap. This is one hundred percent soft medical silicone, as only the best material can be used on such a sensitive part of the female body.

To start your exercise program insert the lightest weights into each plastic holder. You want to practice with these balls between fifteen to thirty minutes each day to build up the muscles of your vaginal walls. It’s easy to stick to your routine as you can continue with your regular activities while you have the Geisha Balls inside of your vagina. Your muscles will naturally contract to hold the balls inside of you.

The first few times you use them you will want to assistance of the strap. This will insurance easier handling and give you a clear way to remove the balls once your exercise session is over. Once you train your muscles enough, you should start to exercise with just one ball alone. Try to keep it inside of you without utilizing the strap. As this becomes easier increase the weight of the ball to a heavier size.

Geisha Balls are a great way to strength the vagina and have many wonderful effects. Not only will they tighten the vagina but they will also lead to increased sex drive and more pleasurable orgasms. To read more about how these objects can help your female body be sure to take a look at for more. If you consistently keep training you will notice significant results within the first month. Also as you continue use the results will just keep getting better and better.